Recycled, Exclusive, Sustainable

Each metre of Blyana’s signature Recycled Rhesh fabrics takes a day in making.

A passion for shapes, colors and materials blends with a powerful combination of sophistication, eco-friendliness, traditional Indian Craftmanship and innovative techniques.

Recycled, Natural, Biodegradable

Blyana's signature recycled Rhesh fabrics are constructed by collecting & Recycling used cotton which would otherwise have ended up in landfills.

After the process of sanitization the cotton fabrics are teared into thin strand and are rewoven afresh traditionally giving it a unique texture as well as transforming it into a new and more sustainable fabric. This method of recycling helps us save more resources and water than breaking it into fibers.

Each meter of our signature fabric helps us save the amount of cotton produced by using 11,000 liters of water

Preserving Traditional Indian weaving technique

Preserving the Indian traditional hand weaving technique.

Blyana’s signature Rhesh fabric is handwoven in a traditional wooden loom by twilling recycled cotton together thread by thread emerging as a subtly textured fabric which then revamps into beautiful handbags & accessories by our artisans.