It all started by a single mother in India at the age of 17 crushing the norms of the society where girl child were not accepted as a firstborn. Shabana with her child (The founder Umzara ) neglected the patriarchy and fought against the misogyny by starting a women's workshop and business
where she began crafting Eco-friendly products in 1999 in the city of Kolkata, India. She then got associated with a women's organisation in India and has
been nurturing the skills of her women artisans ever since. Today she has nearly 20+ women in her group, who are stepping out of their conventional roles and striving towards a better livelihood through their skills and art.


Inspired by her mother, Umzara started BLYANA in 2021, to continue her mother’s legacy and to branch out not just in India but the rest of the world. Keeping the principles of equity, women's justice and environmental concerns in mind.

Designing and art have always been the things which brought me happiness’.

Today She and her team are resolute in creating designs which are ought to bring compassion to the textile & accessories space through the use of Natural, Recycled, Animal-free, Cruelty free and Ethical


"We are striving to make sustainable and ethically made products easily available for people, making it more accessible for them to choose good without having to put an extra penny or effort. Yet contributing towards a better world and making a difference with each of their purchase”